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Our photography teams take photos of event goers. Our ‘mobile’ photographers, who are equipped with a mobile printers, walk in between the guests. For specific projects we can also supply you with our ‘stationary’ service if that suits you better. Our magnetic ‘promophotos’ are unique and printed with a custom photo frame. Post card prints are also an option!

flip book

Flipbook is a new and exciting way to get your brand under the attention of event goers. We make a 7 second video of your guests which we convert to a real paper flip book. The books are completely customizable to your brand. Flipbooks are very retro, yet very 2017 and a great, interactive marketing tool with the possibility to share to social media.


Besides Promophoto & Flip Book, we offer something that is called ‘Instamatiq’. We print photos that have been tagged with a hashtag which you can provide. For example, we can print all photos with ‘#yourbrand’. This is a great tool for visibility. If you’re looking for open air GIF booth, Twitter mirror, video guestbook or open air photo booth etc…give us a call.

All our services have the ‘share-to-social’ functionality. We can directly upload media your company’s Facebook page. Or we can create an online gallery which looks totally the same as your web page. Besides that, we can also collect data (e-mail addresses and such) with our ‘e-mail tool’.

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Who are we?

ditisfris is a ‘photo marketing agency’ which was founded in 2003. ditisfris stands out from the crowd because we something unique; we print directly on magnets!

Our goal is to create long lasting visibility for our clients. In the houses and offices of the receivers of the branded photo magnets.

ditisfris is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands, but our clients and projects are from all over the world!

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