Prints on high quality magnets is our specialty.

Have you ever bought a magnet as a souvenir? Sure you did! There is a 99 percent chance that you still have that magnet somewhere in sight! ditisfris takes photos on your event and prints the photos of the event goers directly on to a magnet. The magnets are fitted with a photo frame with your custom design. Plus, we said it earlier….If you are afraid of magnets, we can print the photos on post cards too! Or single sided 4 x 6 inch with our high speed stationary printer.


Our mobile photo teams can go there where the action is. Our photographer takes a photo and prints it of directly with the mobile printer she carries on her hip. We don’t have to put a sticker on the magnet to customize the magnet. We have thought of a nicer and quicker way.


Sometimes it is more handy to work with a stationary set. If you want to work with special filters on the photo for example. Or if you want us to rebuilt your campaign poster with event visitors. In those cases you can pick our ‘stationary set’.

ditisfris greenscreen

green screen

Have you always wanted to go to the moon? Or the Arizona desert maybe? Or would you rather be at deck of a cruise ship sailing the ocean. All of this is possible,in the blink of the eye. With our green screen setting, guests can choose where the want to go. Virtually obviously. You can choose if the photo is printed or shared to social immediately. Or a combination of both.

Our services can be fitted with several online options. We can create an online gallery where all photos can be shared to various social media platforms. Or we can make a (direct) upload to the timeline of the photographed. Would you like the photos on your own Facebook page? No problem. Besides that, we can also e-mail the photos! This gives you a database full of useable data.  Everything comes with statistics of your promotion.