We print your guests Instagram and Twitter photos. With your branding.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give your guest a keepsake that they will keep forever? With your brand’s logo on it? Plus, at the same time, let those guest promote your brand both online and offline? Now you can! Let your guest take and tag photos with their own smart phone and we print those pictures. On a magnet of course. Give us your hashtag where we can monitor Instagram and Twitter for. Visibility for your brand through Instapics and Tweets.  More info on this concept you can find by clicking here.

instamatiq ditisfris


With our system, we monitor Instagram and/or Twitter for your designated tag. If your guest takes a photo and tag it with that hashtag, we print it on a magnet for him. More about Instamatiq, you can find on our special website for this concept.

instamatiq ditisfris


Our nicely designed printer casings will attract event goers. They are invited to take photos with Instagram and print their photos. Plus, we hand out flyers so all guests are aware that Instamatiq is in the house. Printed photos, as well as the user interface, will be customized with your design.

instamatiq ditisfris


Instamatiq gives your brand the opportunity to interact very closely with the target group. Due to the fact that ‘real persons’ promote your brand, your promotion will become highly effective. Among other nice and useful features, Instamatiq can connect to your Facebook page directly.



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