Dare to be new and different

Real retro flipbook with up-to-date possibilities to share your brand to social. That is ditisfris’ flipbook! A short video is converted to a 60 pages branded flipbook to be taken home right away. The flipbook can be shared to social instantly. Flipbooks are a long lasting keep sake that will can be shared online and showed to friends in real live by the receiver of this nice little customized books!


Event goers are invited to record a 7 second video. If you want us to, we can bring some props your guests can go grazy with. We convert that video to a 60 pages paper flip book in under a minute. Next, the video can be shared to Facebook or  Twitter immediately. Your guest go home with a fully branded keepsake of your event.


We offer a wide range of possibilities for your flip book project.¬†You can make a live setting, or we can enable ‘green screen’. We can produce a nice glossy book cover. You can choose if you want your guest to have the possibility to share their video to Facebook and Twitter. In that scenario, they will have to possibility to download their video. All in a custom branded site.


Do you find our ‘normal’ flipbook even not special enough and you do you have quite some extra budget to spend? If yes, you are in the market for our unique and very cool ‘floating heads’ flipbook! This software ‘crop to the heads’ of event goers. The ‘floating head’ will be starring in a 60 pages custom story. Ask us how this can be effective in your brand’s project.

A real show stopper

Flipbook is a show stopper on your event. Plus, to the most of your guests, it will be something they have never experienced before. We are capable to produce up to approximately 50 flipbooks per hour. The setting requires 4 x 4 mtr of space on site. Want something different and new? Something with lot’s of options to customize it to your needs? Flip book could be your next choice!